Who drives better: you or your friends? Finally, there's an app for that!

You already know you're a better driver than your friends. Unfortunately your friends think the exact opposite... Time to settle things. Not in a game. Not in a simulation. In real life. Finally, there's an app that lets you compare who's the better car driver.

Driving against your friends is a brand new possibility in the free to download app Flo for iPhone and Android. The app already made it possible to put a score on your own driving behavior. Simply put the smartphone in the car - a cup holder will do great - and using the sensors of the smartphone, Flo seamlessly and precisely measures how you accelerate, take a corner and hit the brakes. The app gives you a realtime score for each trip. The more eco-friendly, and safely you drive, the higher your score.

And now, with the latest update, Flo offers the possibility to drive against your friends.

This is a feature many users requested and one we've been dreaming to build for a long time. Now you finally can compare your scores with those of friends, your football team or your colleagues.

Andreas Willemse (CMO of Flo - Driving Insights)

Put it on the wall

Everyone with the Flo app can make an account and invite friends in the web app of Flo. It's possible to share the highscore list on social media and by email, so you can actually print your scores and put them on the wall. ;-)

About Flo

Flo has been downloaded over 200.000 times and is recording hundred thousands of trips each month. Download Flo for iPhone and Android (free).

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Download PDF
About Flo - Driving insights

Flo is the first app that successfully analyses driving behavior using only a smartphone's GPS. Flo provides real time feedback on corners, braking, acceleration and speed. Based on this, the Flo score is calculated. After driving, the trip can be analyzed in the app, or in the online profile. Flo is a Dutch startup based in Noordwijk.

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