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Driving app Flo publishes worldwide driving behavior report

Did you know that Mexicans are way better drivers than Americans? Guess not. I bet you're curious about who are better drivers, men or women? Glad to let you know there's the Flo Score, and apps to gather all the info to be able to calculate it. We took a million trips we recorded, analyzed the data, and made this cool infographic with it.

About the Flo Score

The Flo Score is calculated using an app for smartphones. The Flo app automatically records trips and analyzes behavior on the spot. Flo has been working for years to create and improve the algorithm that does the magic. You can read more about how we measure and calculate the Flo Score in this blog post

Women vs. Men

Although we have far more men in our user database than women (come on ladies!), with a million trips we can definitively say something about the difference in performance on the road. It's pretty safe to say that women drive better than men. Not a lot better, but significantly a bit better. So dear men, please, gently hit the road and try to outperform the ladies. 

Best & worst countries

About Mexico. We know the roads aren't the best in the world in Mexico, but there's also a lot of toll roads. This might have something to do with Mexicans scoring best in Flo. We were actually quite shocked by Americans having a very significant lower score than drivers in other countries. Maybe it's time to talk to the Mexicans? (Hello Donald!)

Best time of the day

Rise and shine! Get out real early and hit the road around 5AM. Driving behavior around that time is the best of all day. On the other hand, evenings are not so good. The later it gets, the worse the Flo Scores get. Fatigue might explain it, or being in a hurry to get home. We encourage our users to only get behind the wheel when they're well rested and (of course) sober.

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Download high resolution infographics

Enjoy using our infographic on your website. Please make sure you mention our website if you're publishing this on yours.

Download PDF
Download PDF
About Flo - Driving insights

Flo is the first app that successfully analyses driving behavior using only a smartphone's GPS. Flo provides real time feedback on corners, braking, acceleration and speed. Based on this, the Flo score is calculated. After driving, the trip can be analyzed in the app, or in the online profile. Flo is a Dutch startup based in Noordwijk.

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